Thursday, September 24, 2009

Was it left on the pillow?

Hotels often see thefts. More specifically, they often see thefts of the items left out for guests to use during their stay. How many people have at the very least a hotel towel? And, of course, there's the frequent hotel bathrobes being worn far from the hotel that they are purported to be from.

Well, a couple of English hotels seem to be having a relatively unique problem. While they're still losing linens, they're also seeing lighting fixtures disappear. But that's not all, either. Apparently rentable sex toys also find their way into travel bags.

Yes, you read that correctly. In at least one hotel in Bath, England, people would be given the opportunity to rent a sex toy for their stay. We can only hope that they were properly sanitized before being passed on to the next individual. Still, we also can't imagine just what it would take for people to decide to keep the offering. After all, you may have a vague idea of where it's been, but you don't really know where it's been.

While we will admit that there are times when a level of absentmindedness comes into play, that excuse probably isn't going to fly as well when you're dealing with sex toys. Even if it is true that it was a totally accident packing mistake, would you really want to admit that you travel with toys often enough to get confused as to whether one is yours or not.

And to think, in America we just have to deal with "Magic Finger" beds.

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