Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our bad

You know, it isn't every day that a government agency releases an apology to an entire demographic.

It also isn't every day that a government agency makes a blanket statement regarding said demographic and possible drug connections.

Let's just hope that the US Forest Service has learned their lesson.

It all goes to Colorado, where the Forest Service was concerned about armed drug growers. So they did the appropriate thing, by warning campers of the potential danger. The problem? The drug growers were described as people who "eat tortillas, drink Tecate beer and play Spanish music".

Yeah, we can't imagine why any Hispanic community would be upset by that, either.

Seriously, though, while the description may very well have been completely true with regards to the growers that the government was watching out for, it doesn't make their statement a good idea by a long shot. What else could they possibly have included to make it even worse? Should they have talked about the darker hair and ruddier complexions? Possibly mentioned that the armed growers might have spoken Spanish, or that they preferred soccer players with unibrows (okay, so that might have been a low shot)?

Perhaps they could have gone in the exact opposite direction, and instead of being incredibly vague, they could have tried to give some specifics. You know, as a change of pace for a government agency.

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