Monday, March 03, 2008

Putting kids in the corner

Ah, the birthday party. Especially at a young age, the birthday party is something of a right of passage. After all, it's not only proving that you are mature enough to have guests, but also showcasing your own popularity by displaying exactly how many people like you well enough to venture into a ball pit with you. Especially during our youths, we try to portray ourselves as being slightly older, and wanting to participate in activities that make us seem more mature. The older we physically get, the more we want to recapture the lost youth that we once had. This is exactly why places like Chuck E. Cheese can be seen as venues for birthdays for both young and old alike.

Of course, it's never a good sign when the kids at the arcade are the more adult members of a birthday party. It's an even worse sign when a fight breaks out, between two mothers, all over a basketball arcade game.

During the middle of the birthday party, the kids were playing, as children are prone to doing. A 9-year-old wanted to play the same game that a 13-year-old was playing, got tired of waiting for his turn, and made some comments. The mothers, having their own "conversation" at this time, saw words spill over into punches, with the older boy's mother hitting the younger boy's mother in the side of the head.

See, this is exactly why people need to be more careful. Sure, animatronic rodents playing "music" can be fun for the whole family to enjoy, but those same rodents can stoke a fire of hatred within the bellies of those who are unprepared to face their beady metallic eyes. Add to that the bleeping of video games, the bright lights, and the fact that every parent seems to truly believe that their child is far more deserving (and less likely to do something wrong) than another person's child, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Coincidentally, that recipe for disaster also generally includes pepperoni. As a police officer said, "I don't even know if they finished their pizza." Were that only the case, officer. Those fists were thrown with Chuck's full gastric assault already in hand.

Could have been worse, though. One of them could have had a spork.

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