Monday, April 06, 2009

Busy busy busy

Everyone seems to be running short on time these days. Maybe it's the economy, and everyone is scrambling to try and take on multiple jobs to make ends meet, or just plain rushing from site to site trying to land a job. Maybe it's just poor scheduling, as people find themselves saddled with too many activities and not enough time in the day to do them. Or maybe it's just some sort of cosmic force, slowly stealing minutes and hours from each of us, while we idly sit by and let it happen.

Yeah, we didn't really think it was the last one, either. But, because people are busier, it's forcing people to multitask. Sure, it can be a less effective way to get things done, and it could actually take longer to do multiple things at once than it would have taken to do them all individually, but at least you can get that profound sense of not accomplishing anything on multiple projects.

Except for an Australian woman who found a way to multitask well. Not that we suggest everyone rush out and follow in her footsteps. After all, not everyone has the dedication (or body parts) necessary to go out, get drunk, drive, and breast feed their baby at the same time.

True, parts of that system happened before the true feat, but the simple fact that she decided that being drunk and behind the wheel seemed like a great time for Junior to have lunch shows some levels of impaired thinking. You know, unless that's just how they do it in Australia.

Heck, the only people who can get away with anything close to that in America are celebrities, and everyone knows that they buy their children once their past the whole breastfeeding stage.

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