Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work on your excuses

Have you ever tried to explain away something you did, except the excuse doesn't actually make it any better? This seems to happen to all of us at least once in our lives, but sometimes, it's just a bit more awkward than it is at other times. Like when you explain that you couldn't make it into work because you had an interview somewhere else. Or how about when you skip out on a family dinner, but your excuse is that you have to take the dog for a walk?

Still, one thing we do know is that it's generally a good idea to at least make sure you understand common definitions. That way, when you get arrested for drunk driving, you can't try and fight the DUI charge because you weren't drunk. You were stoned, instead.

Admittedly, the person accused of doing just that in our story is a mere 18 years of age, and therefore might have been trying to avoid getting another fine for drinking while under 21, but to claim that he was stoned and therefore wasn't guilty of DUI is just foolish. Last we checked, DUI stands for "Driving Under the Influence". Sure, it may be implied that the "influence" mentioned is the influence of alcohol, but plenty of police take a more liberal view. Heck, sometimes if you're hopped up on Vicodin and Dr. Pepper, that'll be enough for the cops to pull you over and write up the ticket.

Oh, one other thing. When you're accused of one crime, don't try and beg out of it by admitting to a different one. At least, not with the minor offenses. It really is just a lose-lose situation at that point.

At least wait until you've got a bigger charge in front of you...

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