Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fire sale! Homeowner must go!

After yesterday's rant, it's nice to get back to the business of finding articles that can be made fun of. And, well, we had our hands full making our decision. The final toss-up came down to a story loosely tied to Lucky Charms, or the story we're actually going to talk about. But don't worry. The news that we pass over today will be included in our round-up tomorrow.

Back to the news at hand, it seems that David Davidson of Texarkana had his own ideas about how to fight the fire that was burning down his house. His plan? Grab the firefighters hoses and interfere with the trained professionals. The plan worked so well that Davidson was arrested by the police, prior to the blaze being extinguished.

Described as "a fire waiting to happen" by Fire Battalion Chief James Ragsdale, the buildings were apparently brimming with combustible materials, and no fewer than eight vehicles were scattered around the premises. The fire started in a packed storage building, before moving on to the house, which, from all accounts, could have used a good cleaning before the smoke damage and the soot.

In fact, it's entirely possible that Davidson was merely trying to remove some of the clutter from his life, and was only trying to slow down the firefighters to help eradicate some of the pictures taken over the years at various birthday parties. It's also possible that Davidson viewed the house burning as being a positive thing, forcing him to move forward with his life, away from whatever demons had plagued him.

Or he's a crazy person, saw the fire, thought he saw the Virgin Mary dancing on a matzo ball, and decided that the firefighters needed to stop. After all, the last thing any of us need to see is Mary in a wet t-shirt contest.

What? She's over 2000 years old, people.

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