Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A couple of barmaids in Pinjarra, Australia, recently pleaded guilty to certain crimes. One of the barmaids admitted to baring her breasts to customers on more than one occasion, while the other was fined for hanging spoons from the exposed nipples. Naturally, in many societies, a woman exposing her breasts in public is seen as a bad thing (unless, of course, you've paid a $20 cover and have a pocket full of small bills to use as a "tip"), so this whole thing seems fairly commonplace.

That is, of course, until you learn that the barmaid who dropped her top also used her breasts to crush beer cans.

While we're as big of fans of breasts as the next blog (okay, maybe not as much as some, but definitely more than others), we wouldn't have even given this story a second (or third) look if it hadn't been for the extra little detail. Sure, exposed breasts are one thing. But using secondary sexual traits as a tool for recycling purposes? That's where the story entered into our realm.

Think about it for a second. Aren't the breasts a fairly sensitive area? Therefore, wouldn't crushing a metal can, even a soft metal like aluminum, cause a fair amount of pain? To us, it seems akin to using male genitalia to hammer in a nail. Sure, it may work for the job, but it's really not the best tool available. Did this barmaid not have feet, preferably with good, hard-soled shoes?

Or was this trick something she was doing to raise tips? After all, how often do you think the average person gets to see something like this? We're betting once, maybe twice in a lifetime (more if you watch Japanese game shows). And maybe she had developed a technique to minimize cuts, allowing her to squeeze the cans between her breasts without causing undue pain.

But the spoons? Unless they were a sad attempt at creating pasties, we really have no idea how they even got themselves involved in the first place.

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