Friday, November 23, 2007

The cat (nap) burglar

Happy Friday, everyone. Normally, on Fridays we feature our awards, but this week, partially in light of Thanksgiving yesterday, and partially in light of the new theme for the site (which we're still probably going to tweak a bit, but it's moving in a good direction, in our humble opinions), we're just going to hit on a little story that caught out eye. And by caught our eye, we of course do mean that we thought we could poke a little fun.

Anyways, we definitely get when people need to rest. And we understand that there are certain professions that are a little more taxing on the mind and body, thereby requiring more sleep than other jobs. But while it's bad to fall asleep at work when you're doing data entry, imagine how much worse it can possibly be when you're breaking and entering.

That's right, folks. After stealing a couple of pieces of jewelry, our Bosnian thief decided that the couch looked pretty darned comfortable, stretched himself out, and grabbed a quick nap. So it isn't as though he was narcoleptic, although that would've been a better excuse. Maybe he'd just had too much turkey and stuffing, and he needed to just take a breather. Either way, the man was discovered by the homeowner, still resting peacefully.

In an odd turn of events, the burglar had already sat down in a love seat and a recliner, before declaring the couch to be "just right". He also reported a strange craving for porridge.

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