Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Looking on the Sunny Side (Up)

Most traffic accidents have almost no humor to them. After all, it's not often that a truck full of industrial glue cracks open, spilling its contents out into what will surely be an almost cartoonish puddle. We don't hear stories about a cargo of Superballs spilling, causing the rubber projectiles to bounce merrily across the highway. And we don't often learn about an accident where someone crashed into a painting that looked like a continuation of the road. When we do, it's sadly unfunny.

No, traffic accidents generally are times of sadness, where a little levity could really help the situation. Unfortunately for all of us, this much-sought-after levity is burying its own head in sorrow over the incidents that have occurred.

And that's exactly why a truck loaded with literally tons of eggs overturning and spilling its cargo is something we need to cling to. Especially given that nobody was hurt in the process (well, except for the eggs, but, as they say, you can't make an omelet...). We're fairly certain that the highway patrol scrambled (Hah!) to get to the accident as quickly as they could.

Alright. We apologize for that last sentence. We just couldn't help ourselves. After all, with the current strike in Hollywood, we're fairly certain that humor akin to what we just wrote above will become the dominant force on the airwaves. After all, reality television hosts aren't known for their quick wit, biting delivery, or jokes fresher than the Reagan Administration. So we succumbed. We're sorry.

We're just going to think about the cartoon potential for a mess of egg spilling across a road. We can just picture the hilarious antics of people as they try and make their way across to the other side, legs slipping and sliding this way and that. In fact, we're even pretty sure that, once the sun struck the eggs, a scene similar to one from the old Ringo Starr movie "Caveman" was witnessed.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, to everyone out there celebrating it. We'll catch you on the flip side.

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