Monday, November 19, 2007

So good it's criminal

We've all experienced hunger pangs. Many of us have gone through times in our lives where the hunger is so strong, it's almost physically crippling. In times like those, we're so sure of our own imminent starvation that we're willing to take desperate measures, just to survive. And thus, White Castle is able to stay in business.

Meanwhile, Ruben Manzano of Santa Barbara, CA has his own way of handling those extreme hunger situations. Recently, when he found himself craving a meal after a long night of drinking, he decided that he'd just cook for himself. From the kitchen of a nearby Carl's Jr.

Police arrived at the scene, and found Manzano's shoes, shirt and the food that he'd been trying to prepare. He was found a short time later by a K-9 unit, undoubtedly given extra assistance by the aroma of Carl's Jr. wafting from Manzano himself. Nothing appeared to have been stolen, save the food, but Manzano was arrested for burglary simply for breaking in.

Of course, we sit back and look at this story and we just wonder about a few things. The first question we have, naturally, is why Manzano left behind his shoes and shirt. Perhaps he took the "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" thing a little too seriously, and decided that, since he'd already broken in to the restaurant, why not engage in a little more disorderly conduct. Of course, we then suspect his conscience caught up to him, and instead of getting dressed, he merely left the food behind.

Our second question, and one that may be a little more pressing, is just how will Carl's Jr. capitalize on this? After all, this is the hamburger franchise that decided to exploit Paris Hilton's natural, um, talents in an attempt to boost burger sales, notably forgetting that the filming was the first time Hilton had ever allowed a burger to touch her lips (we'll leave the joke about meat to our audience). Given that, we really think that they should try to work an ad campaign out of this incident. Perhaps a slogan like, "Carl's Jr. Breaking the laws of taste," would work. Or, perhaps they can simply use the title for this post.

After all, it's gotta be better than their "Flat Buns" campaign.

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