Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And your little dog, too

We've all experienced heartbreak in our lives. For some, said heartbreak came in the form of being rejected by a potential lover. For others, that same heartbreak may have happened when the really good pizza place down the street ran out of pepperoni during a lunch rush. Sure, the second one seems trivial, but try telling that to a person who's now crying because they had their heart set on pepperoni pizza.

Tangent aside, one thing that most people can agree on as a definite cause for heartbreak is the loss of a pet. These events happen, and, when it's a tragic accident that precipitates the loss, it makes it that much harder to take.

So imagine what it must feel like to get sued over the damages your dog caused to a car that struck it. Not only is your dog hit by a car and gone from your world, but then to be expected to pay for the dents? Just seems a little heartless.

Digging a little deeper, we find that the dog in question was a miniature pinscher, and that the driver is suing for over $1,000 worth of damage to his car, which, given it's make, model, and year, may not have been worth a whole lot more than that before the accident. We could sort of understand if the dog had been a large dog, along the lines of a mastiff or something. You know, the type of dog that could (probably) barrel through plaster if the situation called for it, and could definitely put a few good dings into the body of a Honda Civic.

Of course, with little dogs, there's the Napoleonic complex, so that may have added to the damages. It's possible, though unlikely, that, in its final gasps, the pooch found a way to hurl its tiny body at the car multiple times, causing dents, all while shredding the wiring underneath. Oh, and it also siphoned off some gas.

The ironic thing is that the driver, a dog owner themselves, seems to be filing the suit so that the dog owners take more responsibility. Pot? This is the kettle, and you're full of water.

It could have been worse, though. After all, the driver could have followed this by forgetting to signal a turn.

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