Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good help is hard to find

Have you ever had one of those really bad days at work? The kind of day where you spend your time training in a new employee, only to have said employee turn out to be a thief intent on robbing your store? Even worse, did you take extra care to teach them how to operate the cash register?


Then you obviously don't work at a 7-11 in Mesa, AZ, where this happened. The suspect decided to fool the clerk, get trained as an employee, and then return later to purchase some frosty beer. However, when questions were raised by their photo ID, the suspect grabbed the clerk, locked her in the bathroom, and then, while waiting for an opportune moment, proceeded to help customers. It wasn't until the actual clerk returned to the front with a gun of her own that the robber fled the scene.

We know what you're thinking. Well, we know what you're thinking if your mind is anything like ours. And that thought is, simply, are there magic cash registers out there that you need to be trained how to operate? Isn't it usually simply a matter of hitting some sort of an enter button (generally located in a fairly logical place) to get the drawer to slide out? Or was this really an elaborate plot towards getting some experience behind the counter at a gas station?

And, naturally, is this person still eligible for an "Employee of the Month" recognition?

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