Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Funny... and not funny

Well, after taking yesterday to memorialize some things, and to enjoy the time-honored tradition of gluttony and far too much processed meat, we actually have to stories to look at today. Sure, there were more out there, but these two just seemed to jump.

First up, we have a story where it just might be appropriate to laugh. In fact, if we were actual news reporters, and we were asked to recite this story on the air, we probably wouldn't be able to help ourselves. After all, it isn't every day that you hear about someone hiring a nude maid. It's even less often that she robs the place.

See, when you're trying to keep the house clean while the spouse is away, it makes some level of sense to hire a cleaning service. If you're a straight male, well, why not hire a maid? Heck, for most guys, having a woman show up in a French maid costume alone is enough for them to forget that the TV has a thin layer of dust, and that the carpet could use a really good vacuuming. When the victim of our story searched online and found a listing for a nude maid, well, we're pretty sure that he forgot that his fridge had been unplugged for a week, too. All up until the point where he learned that she'd not only cleaned up, but that she'd taken extra payment. And before you start thinking that this was some sort of karmic response to him hiring a nude woman while his wife was away, you need to realize that the maid stole the wife's jewelry. The most interesting point is that the man could only give a brief description of the maid. We are fairly certain that he wasn't even positive that she had a face.

As for our other story, well, as we pointed out with the story above, there are times where laughing is perfectly acceptable. Make a slip while speaking, and refer to Obama as Osama? Depending on which news organization that you work for, maybe a little chuckle at your own faux pas is appropriate. Suggesting that both should be assassinated? Apparently that's hilarious. At least, it is if you work for FOXNews. Or, at least, we are lead to believe that, after one of their pundits made the slip, mentioned assassination, and then proceeded to laugh out loud at the notion of either person being killed. But, you know, FOX is "fair and balanced", and when they report, we decide.

Listen, FOX, we were already willing to write you off as an experiment in bringing partisan politics to the newsroom. Now that we can see that at least some of your talking heads actively advocate the assassination of Americans who don't share your beliefs, we can write you off as something else. At least you'll keep the trains running on time.

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