Monday, May 19, 2008

Making it sporting

Ever since men have been walking upright, women have probably been upset about their lack of aim when it comes to urination. Over time, new vessels were created to help store and dispose of the liquid byproduct, but through all of that, men were once again culprits of poor aim, bad decision-making, or the desire just to see from how far away they actually could arc a stream. And that's not even taking into account writing their name in the snow without their hands. Meanwhile, women have been cleaning up after them, and discussing the male inability to actually hit a target while in the bathroom.

That all may be about to change, thanks to a couple of Belgian beer drinkers, who are developing "Place to Pee", a video game where urinating helps survive an alien invasion, or steers a skier through a tricky course. The basic concept is that the player aims at sensors, and, for every successful "strike", something good happens in the game that they're playing. Of course, these games are potentially competitive, being made for two people, and that's one thing that few men really crave when trying to empty their bladders.

So this could all be a good thing in the long run. If the invention takes off, not only could it finally give men a reason to care about where their stream is going, but it could then lead to bragging rights amongst the guys who could claim higher scores. Plus, the inventors are even working on a way to get women into the game, giving them the same thrill that men get when they splash a stream onto the toilet seat.

Also a plus? The skiing game would be appropriate for all ages, which will give little Tommy something to do while he's at the bar with Dad.

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