Thursday, May 15, 2008

This job stinks

There are a few things that one must do if they plan on ever working around other people. Being sure not to harass them is a fairly obvious step, one that should carry as much weight (if not more) as things like good personal hygiene and actually getting some work done. An item conspicuously missing from many lists of appropriate workplace behavior is not passing gas at your coworkers.

If only the fellow employees of a Deal, Kent women had known about that. It could have saved their company around $10,000.

That's right. Amongst a laundry list of other offenses (which all added up to a fairly nice sexual harassment settlement), breaking wind towards the woman has taken a higher level of offense. This may have something to do with the overall penchant of her fellow employees to eat cabbage and beans. It also may have had something to do with the fact that one of the main olfactory offenders was the woman's manager. As she puts it, he regularly "lifted his right cheek" in her direction before, um, relaxing a bit.

Sure, there was also commentary made about women in general, overall leering, inappropriate commentary, and poor reactions to her inability to get her computer to work, but really, when it comes down to it, even if the rest of those things hadn't happened, the poor woman still got farted at on a regular basis. And, unless you work in a barn, or possibly at a Taco Bell, that's just one hazard that should never come with the job.

In the meantime, her former employers have taken to shooting spit balls at each other, and have prepared a "You're Glue" defense in case of an appeal.

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