Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Poking Portland

Mysticism may have finally reached one of its most bizarre points when people find ways to apply it to something on a much grander scale. While we can understand the notion of using aromatherapy in high traffic areas, and we can see a benefit to encouraging the I Ching in the work place, we do think that there comes a point where a line must be drawn.

Sadly, that line really should have been drawn before someone decided that the city of Portland needed some good acupuncture.

That's right, folks. There's someone going around, jamming 23-foot-long needles into the ground in order to try and help rebalance the "chi" of the city. And sure, there are plenty of people to shake their heads at this latest act, chalking it up to more of the quirky nature of the city, but come on, people. It's the mission of Austin, TX to be kept weird. For Portland, they just seem to be grasping at straws while they continue to get overshadowed by Seattle.

What's next? Are we going to start rearranging city streets and the architecture of buildings because it disrupts the feng shui of the state?

And in a quick update, remember pants-suing judge? Well, he's now suing to get his job back, plus damages. Seems that he thinks he was merely being a whistle-blower pointing out the corruption of the system. We're of the opinion that he was just a little bit off-kilter to begin with, and, as soon as he discovered that he may have had the wrong pants, he was pushed over the edge.

Actually, it sounds like someone could have used a good session of acupuncture.

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