Thursday, May 29, 2008

It didn't work

There are a number of interesting legal defenses that people present to try to stay out of prison. For example, there's the always popular insanity defense, the slightly less popular Twinkie defense, and the relatively obscure Chewbacca defense. However, we may have found the defense that really takes the cake.

As it turns out, a New York mafia boss wants the judge for his trial removed from the case. The reasoning behind his request? The judge may be biased, due to the gangster allegedly planning to have him killed.

Well, we can completely sympathize with the mobster. After all, we're fairly certain that there are relatively few ways to get someone opposed to helping you anywhere near as quickly as trying to get them assassinated. And it just seems fair that he might think that the judge won't necessarily view this case as objectively as he probably should.

Of course, then we have to recall that this is a worry for the gangster, which seems, to us, to be something of an admission of guilt. So maybe the judge has every right to hold less than a completely fair trial. After all, it was his life that was being plotted against.

The people that the mob boss should really be upset with? Whoever it was that didn't carry out the plot. After all, if they'd done their job, then this wouldn't even be an issue.

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