Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A day late

Alright, so the subject of today's article is more than a day late, but that's besides the point. Calling it a few months late just didn't have the same ring to it. But hey, when you're passionate about something, you should follow through with all the gusto you can manage.

That's what Cindy Sheehan thinks. After all, she spent a good portion of GDub's second term in office protesting over his election, his policies, and the war effort going on overseas. He's been out of office since January, so what is a poor protest-lover to do?

Obviously, the only answer is to gather people and continue the protest outside of his home.

Yes, you read that correctly. From what the article says, it seems like the protest is no longer revolving around what Bush has the power to change, but now it's a protest over all the things that he didn't do while in office. Again, it should be noted that, at this point, he has no power to change anything (in fact, we're never certain that he had any power to begin with). So this protest, aside from potentially upsetting the neighbors of the former President, has little ability to do much of anything. And you can safely bet that it's merely one in a string of protests planned for this particular area of Texas.

Listen, we get being passionate about things. And, to be completely honest, a lot of times the protests that were conducted actually helped to highlight gross injustices. Sure, nothing much got accomplished, but at least people outside of Washington were able see some of these problems and do what they could to try and keep them from happening again. But, at this point, the whole thing just starts to strike as someone who had their fifteen minutes of fame, and refuses to let go.

What's next? Is the Octomom going to pop out a few more kids?

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