Thursday, June 04, 2009


We don't often link to other blogs, but that's just because, normally, we find our news through newspaper or radio websites. Just how we go about our business of finding stories. However, the few times that we stray away from that standard, it had better be worthwhile. And boy howdy, is today's entry worthwhile.

After all, how often do you get to hear about someone suing over crunchberries?

Yes, that's right, folks. A woman actually attempted to sue the makers of Cap'n Crunch cereal for being misleading. As it turns out, this woman claims to have recently learned that the crunchberries advertised in the cereal are nothing more than fruit-flavored cereal balls, and that there's no fruit actually contained. Does it surprise anyone that this lawsuit started in California, or that the attorneys for the woman already tried a previous claim with a different plaintiff trying for a similar route, except targeting Froot Loops?

Look, we could understand if the plaintiff was some child. After all, for plenty of children, there really is a magical cartoon land, populated by a short ship's captain and his friends, as he scours the land far and wide for the wonderful crunchberry fields. There is also a rabbit trying to steal their cereal, a leprechaun who can make common items into marshmallows, and an insane bird who loves chocolate pellets. But for a grown adult to even try to make such an assertion is beyond ludicrous.

Thankfully, the judge for the case was smart, or at least smart enough to spot a frivolous lawsuit right away, and he threw out the argument. Given that the case was revolving around the notion that the cereal was a specific attempt to "mislead the consumer", and given that nobody in their right mind who is also past the age of 15 would believe for a moment that crunchberries were real berries, we're glad the case was thrown out.

This should allow them to get back to prosecuting that burglar from Cookie Crisp.

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