Monday, June 01, 2009

A (non)working designation

We've all been there. We've all had nights where we go out on the town, tip back a few too many, and need to call a cab to get home. Of course, if we were being visionary, we probably took a cab to get to the bars in the first place, which may also indicate some level of planning towards a truly intoxicated evening. So we're not surprised to see that, even in Canada, this practice is still being used.

Of course, the Canadians in question DID go and surprise us. It wasn't for getting into a cab in the first place. It was for abusing the driver and then crashing the cab into a business.

Listen, folks. There's a reason the cab was called. Sure, you thought it would be fun to fight with each other. After all, one thing that alcohol does is to impair your judgement, especially if you've had a lot of it. And we can even think how you might have thought that, because you were having so much fun with your drunken fight, that maybe the cabbie would want to get involved. But you were wrong, and he decided that you shouldn't be in the cab anymore. We call that a sign. That sign, of course, telling you to take another cab and try and behave. Heck, if need be, stop in another bar and get some of the more belligerent people close to passing out.

But come on, people. When you've needed to rely on a cab to get you from location to location due to your drunkenness, you really shouldn't try and drive it when the cabbie escapes your abuse.

That only works when you're a celebrity.

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