Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Maybe it was a land shark

A fair percentage of the population really dislikes door-to-door solicitation. Of course, most people just put up signs in their windows to express this feeling, but a Michigan man decided that he didn't want to be like the rest of the populace. He took a different approach to expressing his displeasure.

He fired a couple of rounds from a rifle.

Don't worry, though. He didn't hit the solicitor. Nobody was hurt in the altercation. We would say that nothing at all happened, except that the resident was able to hit at least one thing with his short barrage.

He shot his own car.

Listen, we totally get that plenty of people don't like to have to deal with door-to-door solicitors, and sure, there are plenty of ways other than simply tacking up a note to express those feelings. Perhaps organizing some sort of prank involving firecrackers would be more in line. Or maybe actually invite them in, and then try to spin the conversation to the point where you're selling them something. But brandishing a weapon seems a bit extreme. Proceeding to actually use that weapon, even just to scare them away, definitely crosses lines.

For crying out loud, at least put the car in the garage first. Paint jobs are expensive.

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