Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bang your head harder

Stem cell research has been a bit of a hot-button issue. Politicians on both sides of the argument have fought long and loud about whether the benefits or the risks carry more weight. And yet, a new development discovered by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania may lead to a new breakthrough for the technology.

But this isn't your average run-of-the-mill creation of new organs, or finding ways to regenerate lost nerves. This discovery could truly lead to a new and more beautiful future for mankind (and some of womankind who suffer from the malady as well).

Thanks to researchers at the U of P, we can now rest easy with the knowledge that, aside from a lack of pigment, stem cells can actually help regrow hair in places where it was formerly lost. But how did they find this discovery? The scientists studied mice, creating wounds in the laboratory animals, and were amazed to find that, once the wound reached a certain severity, the healing process also brought with it new hair growth, much like that seen during the embryonic stages of development.

Just imagine the possibilities! With a deep enough head wound, people who have suffered from early hair-loss can regrow the lush locks that they once were so proud of. No more fears that the current generation of Samsons will fall victim to new (and biological) Delilahs, with the newest research. Heck, even the Hair Club for Men is considering just sending out pipe wrenches to all of its clients.

The scary thing is that with the discovery that baldness can possibly be cured through the use of stem cells, we may actually see more funding in this area. After all, while cancer, heart disease, and any of the other problems that plague humanity may certainly carry more gravity, none are quite as sexy as the prospect of regrowing hair once lost.

Don't believe us? Just as The Donald. He'll tell you.

Thanks to Robin W for the story for today's post!

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Calvin Mann said...

The first rule of Hair Club for men . . . you do not talk about hair club for men.