Monday, May 14, 2007

Hair today

The German health insurance system has received a slight overhaul, thanks to a recent ruling by a court in Rhineland-Palatinate. Due to the ruling, German men will have to start paying for something that a fair number of them enjoy, as opposed to having the state-run health insurance provide for it.

But what could this mystery benefit be? Is it for Viagra, or similar drugs? How about surgical enlargement of certain portions of the anatomy?

While we can't be certain if those items are covered under the German insurance, the ruling by the court applies to hair replacement and toupees.

That's right, folks. The country that loves David Hasselhoff will have fewer men attempting to look like him, now that they have to pay for their own baldness treatments. While women and children are still covered, men are being told that, "The hair's protective function against the sun and the cold can easily be replaced by a hat."

Of course, this comes as no real shock to Americans, who have long had to pay for their own toupees (with the exception of Robin Williams, and other men like him, who can simply transplant hairplugs from their backs to the top of their heads). Of course, when the rug is coming out of your own money, your choices will be somewhat limited, and you may not choose the best model for your head, but hey, if Donald Trump can be brave enough to wear the 'do he does, then why should the rest of the gender be any different?

It should also be noted that, amongst other things covered by the German insurance system, day spa retreats and breast augmentation can still often be received at little-to-no-cost. Which just goes to prove that it's better to be a small-breasted (for now) woman, than a man with no hair. There is no just love for the balding.

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