Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One house, furnished

When buying a house off of a bank foreclosure, it's always a good idea to take a little walk around the property, if possible. When you're the bank in charge of the auction, you most certainly should investigate the house. Otherwise, you may have to deal with what a Spanish bank in the town of Roses recently did.

When the bank repossessed the house, they didn't both checking into its condition before putting it up for auction, preferring to sell the place as is. If they had been a little more thorough, they might have discovered that the home was being sold, not only with the living room furniture still intact, but with the former owner as well.

We've heard of provincial charm, but we're fairly certain that finding the mummified corpse of the former owner inside the house might just put someone a little off of their desire to have coastal property. If nothing else, it may cause people to remember the old horror cliches, either about houses built on graveyards, or of any place where people died. And if healthy teenagers can't avoid the pitfalls of such a location, how could anyone with enough money to afford a whole house possibly have a hope?

We just wonder if the ads for the home mentioned that it was fully decorated, with both that special lived-in quality, and the more exclusive died-in feel.

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