Thursday, May 24, 2007

They'll make a sequel for anything

Remember last summer, when the big buzz for movies was Snakes on a Plane? And remember how it ended up being very disappointing, largely because it had been built up so much in people's heads? Well, that, and the fact that Samuel L. Jackson and a bunch of CGI snakes together could only do so much to keep an audience entertained up through the line of dialogue everyone was waiting to see.

Well, in Cairo, it almost appeared as though a sequel was in the works, except that this time, it would be a documentary, instead of a fictional account. But Yahia Rahim Tulba was stopped before he could bring the carryon bag with 700 live snakes aboard, thereby averting a disaster.

Tulba had planned on bringing the snakes with him to Saudi Arabia, in the hopes of making some money off of their sale. Needless to say, Tulba was accused of violating export laws, and endangering the lives of other passengers, especially given that two of the snakes within his carryon were venomous.

They say that art imitates life, and that, every once in awhile, life imitates art. Well, maybe it's just us, but ever since SoaP started getting all of the hype, we've seen a dramatic increase in the number of snake-related incidents. There's this example with the plane, the snake that was released in the Google offices, and the firings of the attorneys by the Justice Department (try to convince us there's no snake there... good luck). By the same token, since the release of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we haven't noticed more candy-related stories popping up into our consciousness. This means either that snakes have a better marketing department, or that chocolate just isn't as newsworthy.

Well, we say that there should be more stories about chocolate. There should be more stories about life imitating comedies in general. Except for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Nobody should ever imitate that. Once will be more than enough, thank you.

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