Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The little engine that, um...

Riding the train in India just got a whole lot more interesting for a group of passengers, when their train hit one of many "neutral zones" in the power grid. Normally, these zones don't pose any sort of a problem, as the train can keep right on going, thanks to its momentum. This time, however, apparently the train hadn't quite gotten its full head of steam and, when it hit the "neutral zone", it proceeded to stop.

Until the passengers got out and helped push it the 12 remaining feet to live wires.

Naturally, a spokesman for the railways announced that, "In so many years of service in the railways, I have never come across such a bizarre incident." Well, we'd certainly hope not. After all, if this was a more common occurrence, we can only assume that there would be fewer "neutral zones" in existence.

Or that there would be a new advertising campaign, along the lines of, "Ride our trains. It's an adventure waiting to happen!" complete with a World's Strongest Man contestant pulling one of the engines with a rope.

Of course, in America, we could've expected a very different reaction from the spokesman. Instead of admitting that such an incident was "bizarre", we might've heard words like "opportunity" and/or "exercise" bandied about. Then again, the odds of getting a bunch of American train passengers to help push their ride are pretty slim, so the story wouldn't have that extra edge of heroism and sacrifice.

At this point, we're just going to assume that the odds of this story being turned into an uplifting children's book are pretty slim. Who wants to read, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I-- um, nope. Can you give me a boost?"

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