Monday, August 18, 2008

Just tacky

The city of Appleton, WI is facing some harsh vandalism right now. Having obviously tackled problems such as drugs, violence, and people driving the wrong way on one-way streets, they city has shifted their focus to a vandal marking various things in the downtown area of the sleepy upper Midwestern community.

What that vandal is doing? Why, they're putting stickers on things. Those stickers read "art object", and include a price varying from 1 cent to $10,000.

Wow. Just wow. The audacity of the person (or maybe people) who are doing this. After all, don't they realize that stickers leave a nasty residue behind? One that makes the prospect of cleaning up after them more troubling?

The most interesting thing to us is the fact that these stickers are being placed on completely mundane objects, with varying prices. On one hand, yes, art is everywhere, and it's where you make it. On the other hand, was there some sort of system used to price things like fire hydrants or manhole covers? How about mailboxes or traffic signs?

And what would the city do if people actually bought these items? These are the types of questions that we can never get answers to.

Probably because the people with the answers are too busy washing sticker glue off of a light post.

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