Monday, August 04, 2008

So, no foam then?

Many people stop at coffee shops in the morning on their way into work. A large number of that group also stop in the middle of the morning while on a break, and they may even include an afternoon stop or two. The coffee shop has become such a regular fixture in our culture that people sometimes seem to ignore the fact that the people behind the counter are employees and, not necessarily, the best friends of the customers.

Take the example of a woman in Washington state. She recently became angry at the baristas for not fulfilling her request, something which seemed fairly easy. Her anger became so overblown that, when she was confronted by the police, she proceeded to accuse the coffee-shop worker of doing things such as lying about her age and that she'd made any strange request in the first place. When asked why the barista would have lied, she claimed "They do that."

So what exactly was this request prior to 11a.m. that caused such a disturbance?

According to the barista, she was asked by the woman to blow into an interlock device. That's right, it's one of those devices that keep cars from being started by drunk drivers, and are mandated by the courts. The woman allegedly accused the barista of making her late for work by refusing to help get the car started.

Just keep that in mind kids. When you get your own job at a coffee-shop, always be prepared to have a customer ask if you can help them sober up. Stand by your convictions, and be ready to keep them from starting an interlocked car. After all, one of the things that people rely on after a night of too much drinking is black coffee.

Oh, and if someone asks you to do such before it's even noon, and it isn't a holiday that rhymes with "Faint Ratty's Pay", then you might want to be concerned. You know, unless you live in Beertopia.

After all, Beertopia doesn't have a mall.

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