Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aiming for good

Boy, it's a good thing that we've got scientists and researchers devoting time to some very serious studies out there. One of the newest studies to come out of the think tanks of the world is one about the very serious, and under-researched, topic of sex. And, of course, by under-researched, we are discounting all of the high school and college students that spend vast majorities of their time focusing solely on the subject.

The results of this study? Apparently, women are more interested in "quality" sex, while men are more concerned with "quantity". Shocking results, really. We never would have guessed that women derive more satisfaction from good sex, and we just couldn't imagine that men would think of going through their lives bouncing from one sexual partner to another.

Thank goodness that this study doesn't reinforce sexual stereotypes, either. The survey was conducted with regards to one-night stands, where over half of the women expressed negative feelings. Meanwhile, over half of the men felt positively, had increased self-esteem, and wanted their friends to find out. Which is really refreshing to learn, because we always assumed that men felt empty and shallow at the end of a one-night stand, where women were bouncing on clouds for the rest of the week after a chance sexual encounter.

So thank you, Durham University. We can only assume that you're sitting on a cancer cure until the perfect moment, so we are giddy with anticipation.

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