Monday, June 02, 2008

Just a little fatigued

It looks like the younger generations are being given another reason to not have to know what's going on in the world. According to the Context-Based Research Group, more and more young adults are experiencing "news fatigue", due to being inundated with news coverage all the time. The research also shows that it's getting harder for people to find in-depth coverage, instead seeing bits and pieces of stories at a higher frequency.

Well, we just can't understand why people say that. After all, when we try and watch any of the 24-hour news channels, we find ourselves inundated, but the actual amount of newsworthy material is remarkably sparse. The same thing is starting to cross over into the realm of newspapers, with more and more opinion articles and gossip columns. True, if we want to know more details about a story, we need to search four or five different sources to get all that we can, but that certainly doesn't explain any sort of news fatigue. After all, if there really was just too much news out there, we highly doubt that we'd be hearing about South American countries bickering over who created the potato.

We would like to propose a different idea. Instead of claiming that many people (and, especially, many young people) are suffering from "news fatigue", might we suggest that we're suffering from "pundit fatigue" instead? Where we used to have newscasters that felt it was their job and their duty to inform us, we now have talking heads who feel as though they need to bludgeon us with their views on the most inane of subjects. Heck, we practically expect to read stories about the flatulence of the various presidential candidates, because we just need to keep filling the airwaves with more information.

It's not news fatigue. If anything, it's being tired of having to sift through the fluff to find something of substance.

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