Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everybody celebrate!

Sometimes, a little exuberance can be a bad thing. Obviously, being at a sporting event and surrounded by angry fans of the opposing team would be one of those times. So would trying to be sneaky while stealing some intimate time with a partner in the library stacks. And let's not even imagine how exuberance could backfire at the dentist's office.

And yet there's another time that far too many people automatically discount. And that time, of course, is when your neighbor informs you that they were just recently in a bar fight. Sure, show your solidarity. Just don't do it with a gun.

A man in Kansas learned that the hard way, after shooting himself above the eye and surviving. Even his bar fighting neighbor told him that it probably wasn't the best idea to fire the revolver into the air, which prompted the man to point the gun at his own head. And this was all because he wanted to show his support for his neighbor.

Whatever happened to the good old days, when people would show support with a firm pat on the back, or a celebratory party, or a hooker delivered while their wife was out of town visiting her mother? Maybe this can all be blamed on the 24-news channels, which continually feature images of Middle Easterners firing rifles into the air at the slightest hint of celebration. Or frustration. Or the fact that it's Tuesday.

Meanwhile, ABC is trying to figure out how to make this part of their new series, "Wipeout".

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