Monday, June 30, 2008

Seemed like a good idea

The rising gas prices have definitely hit people a lot harder than they were originally expecting. Consequently, people are looking to new ways to save money at the pump. A number of folks are engaging in hypermiling. Others have considered public transportation, or (gasp) traded in their SUVs for something more gas efficient. Still others are looking to more illegal ways to conserve money.

One of those people who fell to stealing gas did it with a power drill, and a bucket. His biggest problem? Forgetting to take the personalized drill with him after a theft.

After the police found the drill, and traced the trail back to the neighborhood where someone with that name just happened to live, they were able to make their arrest. Oh, and it should be noted that, inside the house, evidence of a meth lab was found.

Alright people. We've said things like this before, but we've never had to actually say this. First off, stop stealing gas. It doesn't make it any better on anyone else, and, well, it really isn't making you the best person. Secondly, if you do need to steal gas, don't drill a hole in the tank. You run the risk of an explosion, and you can't possibly tap that particular resource again in a few days. Last, but not least, if you do decide that you can only steal gas using a drill, don't write your name on it and leave it behind.

We have to wonder if the guy wore gloves, so that he wouldn't leave any prints on the drill, to make it harder to tie back to him.

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