Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Missing link a blade?

Some new evidence points to something that we may not have even realized was possible. No, not proof that vice presidents aren't fueled by kittens and tears. This is actually even more impressive, as scientists may have discovered evidence that links modern humans with Neanderthals.

According to the evidence, the two distinct species may have lived at the same time, and in the same areas for at least part of their existences. It would certainly explain one killing the other.

The evidence to support this theory is a Neanderthal skeleton being discovered with what appears to be spear wounds in his ribs. Specifically, they believe that the wounds came from a thrown projectile. Given that many researchers believe that such tools were outside of the capabilities of the Neanderthals, it certainly points to some cross-species interactions.

If the research proves that the two species did in fact co-exist, it may actually help scientists determine how exactly Neanderthals became extinct, while humans thrived. It may also help them come to conclusions that could point to a missing link, which they believe to exist.

See, this is why primitive man didn't have nice things.

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