Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get the door

Some people just have no sense of propriety. They go around early in the morning, rousing people from bed, and ringing the doorbells of the elderly. In one case, they literally left burns around the door frame.

What? You're saying it was an actual lightning strike, and not someone equipped with an electrical pack rigged to allow them to shoot bolts out of their fingertips?

Oh. Well, in that case, we're sufficiently impressed. And here we thought it was just hoodlums.

As it turns out, though, the lightning didn't have the best possible aim. Instead of being able to strike the doorbell button directly, it had to hit the door frame, travel along the metal, and eventually find it's way to the buzzer. Imagine a drunken frat boy with one of his first girlfriends, and you kind of have the idea. Then realize the frustration for the residents, who now have no power, no way to call emergency services, and still have a lightning storm raging outside of their window.

Okay, maybe that pushes the analogy a little far. Possibly into the territory of uncomfortable memories.

It should be noted that, aside from being "scared skinny", the elderly couple had no real complications. After calling for assistance, they did make a point of telling the storm to get off of their lawn.

Which they proceeded to water for 7 hours straight.

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