Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Twist and shout

We all know dancers. Some good. Some bad. We all probably know at least one person that's been arrested. Sometimes for just cause. Sometimes for mistaken identity. How many of us can claim that we know of someone who was arrested for their bad dancing?

Friends of a Wisconsin man can finally say that, even if it isn't exactly the truth. As it turns out, the man's dancing was bad enough, however, that he drew the attention of the police. And, after the cops witnessed his behavior for a little while, decided it was probably worth arresting and searching him.

Lo and behold, the aroma of marijuana that was coming off of him wasn't just a new cologne that he was wearing. And his cigar wasn't a store-bought Swisher. Instead, the police were able to apprehend the man for drug possession charges, as well as charges for possessing paraphernalia. We would have assumed that the two charges generally go hand in hand, much like a smokeable substance and a pipe, but it seems that they really are their own charges.

It's probably for the best that the man wasn't arrested simply for dancing. After all, some people need to dance when they're angry, while others just use it as an allegory for fighting the repressions placed upon them by their town elders.

Maybe we could get Kevin Bacon to help out, though.

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