Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I can't hear you

Police in Framingham, MA, were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance recently. When they arrived on scene, they found two women engaging in a shouting match with each other. In order to resolve the situation, the police had to place one of the women under arrest, and then endure her shouting and her assault of an officer.

Oh, and we should probably mention that both of the women were deaf.

Well, now that we know that particular fact, we're no longer quite so surprised. Sure, we still don't really get why the women were fighting in the first place, or what was so bad that one woman had to actually try and push through the police that were keeping her from striking at the other. But the shouting part makes sense now.

They were just trying to talk to each other, and were relying on the tactic used for centuries by people who aren't being understood by those they're speaking to. Just talk louder. Maybe if they'd also slowed down the pace of their words, they wouldn't have been fighting in the first place.

Come to think of it, maybe Brett Favre should start to rely on this tactic, too. After all, it's worked for GDub.

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